30 Adventures in Art – Day 10 – Sketch # 10

A kayaking guides feet

30 Adventuresinart – A challenge to myself to produce one sketch or drawing a day for 30 days to help promote my line of adventure shirts at: www.wetdogwear.com  Day 10 – Sketch #10


30 Adventures in art- Day 7, 8, 9 – Sketch #7, 8, 9




30 Adventuresinart – Day 7 , 8, and 9 of my challenge to draw or sketch one adventure everyday for 30 days. This is proving to be harder then expected. I originally wanted to do 365 adventures in 365 days, then my wife said, whoa,  hang on there Picasso, why don’t you see if your can do 30 first. So my wife being the wiser one as always prevailed and here we are one third of the way to 30 adventures in art.  If you want to see more scroll down the page for all the sketches.  I’ll finding that as soon as I finish one I’m already thinking about the next one. Sometimes I’ll just start doodling and something will come in my head and I’ll be on my way and finish in an hour or more. The sketch I spent the most on was the one with the mangrove heart for my wife MJ. That took about three hours. Needless to say she was very happy about that one.

30 Adventures in Art – Day 5, 6 Sketch #5, 6

30 Adventuresinart

30 Adventuresinart


30 Adventuresinart – My challenge to sketch one adventure related picture everyday for 30 days to promote our adventure apparel at http://www.wetdogwear.com. Don’t miss our launch party on Feb 21st at The Barfly in Safety Harbor, Day 5- Sketch #5 and Day 6 – Sketch #6

30 Adventures in Art – Day 4 – Sketch #4

sketch430 Adventuresinart – My challenge to to myself to sketch one adventure drawing a day for 30 days to promote the adventure outdoor apparel at http://www.wetdogwear.com. I’ve always thought of myself as somewhat of a paddling pirate. I like pirates, the pirate flag, and paddling, so this just came into my mind yesterday after a long paddle in Coach Roach Bay Preserve, near Ruskin, FL.  I got home late and just started sketching while we were out to dinner.  Speaking of that i’ll have to hurry after my Kayaking 101 class today and get sketch # 5 out today.  This is Day 4 sketch #4

30 Adventuresinart – Day 3 – Sketch #3


30 Adventuresinart – A Challenge to myself to sketch or draw 30 different adventure related cartoons, scenes whatever comes into my mind for 30 days. This is to help promote our adventure shirts at www.wetdogwear.com Today I decided to do a fishing sketch. Where I live Red Fish are a popular game fish that you may see paddling near the mangrove islands. Their famous for tailing (tail out of water) while feeding in the shallows.