30 Adventures in Art – Day 5, 6 Sketch #5, 6

30 Adventuresinart

30 Adventuresinart


30 Adventuresinart – My challenge to sketch one adventure related picture everyday for 30 days to promote our adventure apparel at http://www.wetdogwear.com. Don’t miss our launch party on Feb 21st at The Barfly in Safety Harbor, Day 5- Sketch #5 and Day 6 – Sketch #6

30 Adventures in Art – Day 2 Sketch #2

Paddle Shell Island

Paddle Shell Island

30 Adventuresinart – I’m doing an adventure sketch every day for 30 days to help promote the adventure apparel at http://www.wetdogwear.com. This is sketch # 2


Launch Party

Adventure apparel

Adventure apparel

Hey there fellow adventure lovers. We’re finally doing our official Launch Party for the apparel shirts at the very cool fishing and outdoorsy bar called the Bar Fly in downtown Safety Harbor. If you’re in the area stop by Feb 21st at 6pm for some fun. Hope you can make it. Goto this address to RSVP for party. Love to see everyone there. http://new.evite.com/l/CMGLK2TD63

Wet Dog is Live on Kickstarter

We’re happy to announce our Kickstarter project for our WET DOG APPAREL PROJECT is LIVE!  You can help make our apparel dream come true, make a pledge, get great deals on our outdoor shirts, prints and other goodies, and help us brand the name and logo.  check it out here.http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wetdog/project-wet-dog Shares and likes on your Facebook pages, Twitter, Pintrest,  and other social websites are much appreciated.  Comments are appreciated as always.


Wet Dog Preview of Kickstarter project launch


Wet Dog Preview of Kickstarter project launch

Ok finished the Wet Dog video, designs and just submitted our Wet Dog T-shirt idea to kickstarter.com Waiting on their review to start the campaign in a few days. Until then check out a preview here.http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wetdog/1745114954?token=c7c6cc00

We’re very excited about launching this outdoor line of apparel using my block print art.  I look forward to comments on the art.

Thanks in advance for viewing the video and page. – Carolina Mike

Paddle Tease

Wow the hectic holiday’s are over now and it’s back to producing more art. Still having fun with the Ipad and brushes app, but here is the next block print project I’m working on of a paddle boarder or SUP (Stand Up Paddler).  I pulled the first proof today and here is a section of it to tease you some.  I should finish the cutting and printing in the next few day’s on the 8″ x 10 “block.  Comments and likes appreciated as always.

Santa and the ipad

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and your holiday’s are bright as below. Just got my new ipad from Santa and I love it.  I’m using the ipad for sketching out ideas and discovered there are some very cool drawing and painting apps out there.  I purchased the Brushes App from the app store and began fooling around with it to learn how the brushes and features work.  I love the way it layers like a real painting. Here is my first painting on the ipad using the Brushes App.  Comments or likes are appreciated as always.

Can you see this on the back or front of every shirt?

Het there, just touching base with you and the blog and wanted to show the logo for Wet Dog I’m working on.  I don’t know why it’s been so tough to come up with a cool logo for these shirts… perhaps cause I’m a better illustrator then designer?  Not sure, but here is one I’m thinking could be getting close to the final idea or design.  It was done using lino cut just like the t-shirt designs.  I have this vision for Wet Dog  there’s a shop, with apparel, maybe gear, Wet Dog annual Paddle Race, Wet Dog art, a wall were everyone can come in and doodle their art on, or help come up with a new shirt design, block printing classes,  some reggae or drumming going on in the background  Picture Myles hanging out with his drum and Capt. Barney playing at the opening (local friends)…. wait a minute  that just gave me a new idea for a design.  He, he, I guess I’m crazy like that.  My random ideas sometimes drive my wife crazy.

Thinking that the first one may read Wet Wear Dog, so I’m experimenting with it by taking out the wear and replacing with a paddle with a smaller wear.  What do you think?