Wet Dog is Live on Kickstarter

We’re happy to announce our Kickstarter project for our WET DOG APPAREL PROJECT is LIVE!  You can help make our apparel dream come true, make a pledge, get great deals on our outdoor shirts, prints and other goodies, and help us brand the name and logo.  check it out here.http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wetdog/project-wet-dog Shares and likes on your Facebook pages, Twitter, Pintrest,  and other social websites are much appreciated.  Comments are appreciated as always.


Wet Dog Preview of Kickstarter project launch


Wet Dog Preview of Kickstarter project launch

Ok finished the Wet Dog video, designs and just submitted our Wet Dog T-shirt idea to kickstarter.com Waiting on their review to start the campaign in a few days. Until then check out a preview here.http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wetdog/1745114954?token=c7c6cc00

We’re very excited about launching this outdoor line of apparel using my block print art.  I look forward to comments on the art.

Thanks in advance for viewing the video and page. – Carolina Mike

Tweaking the art

I thought I was finished with this design then I started to tweak the art in Photoshop and added some text so the it didn’t look so square.  So let me know what you think.

I went to the printer the other day and got some quotes on silkscreen printing and it looks like they will work with me on making these actually happen.   I plan on finishing the http://www.kickstarter. com video (will post it when finished) this week then will post the invite to join in on the campaign for pledging to make this a reality.  Comment please I want to hear folks critique.

Sup dog, I’m finished with you.

Whew, after 8 hours of sketching, drawing, cutting, and pulling three proofs i finished the SUP design (stand up paddle board).  The water gave me quite a challenge on this one, but I think perseverance and knowing that the out come will somehow be good all helped me nail it.   It evolved quite a bit from what I was thinking in my head when I first came up with the sketches.  Comments and likes are definitely appreciated on this one.

Final Logo for Wet Dog?

Ok, still tweaking the Wet Dog logo and decided to take out the words and replace it with a symmetrical paddle.  What do you think of this now.  Could this be the logo that goes on the shirts?  Comments are welcome.

Can’t wait to get some shirts printed up soon.  Working on a Standup Paddle Board design this week.  The sketch is done just need to cut it out on the lino block and make a print.

It’s a Wet Dog life

Ok here is the finished new design for the Wet Dog t-shirts.  This took longer than a week to finish because there was much more cutting and I pulled three proofs of this before deciding it is finished.  I think it will look cool on the back of a shirt with the Wet Dog logo on the front, which I haven’t designed yet.  The bottom of the design will hold lettering like “Island Time”   Not sure as of yet.  Print is 8″ x 10″. See posts below for the process that produced this design.  Enjoy and please comment if you like it or like it on facebook.

Island Time

Cool drawing in action

Newest print coming soon. I’m still cutting the block because it has more detail, but will be worth it when I finally get it printed. Until then check out this teaser drawing (from start to finish) I did promoting our paddling adventures in action at this link: http://artpad.art.com/?lvcsk51fniqw  I think this would make a cool t-shirt now that I posted it.

Shelter Dog

This is the finished final 8 x 10 design of the “Shelter Dog” T-shirt design.    I think it’s going to be a sharp design for shirts and note cards. I like the simplicity of this graphic and it seems to fit the rugged earthy image i’m looking for. When we do produce it on the t-shirt I decided I may do a print that is somewhat distressed and not have perfect uniform blacks, maybe deckle the edge a bit. Comment and let me know if you like the design.

Shelter Dog

I haven’t printed these as of this date, but this is how the final art  will look on a colored shirt.

Dog Gone Paddling Print Series

This is a sketch I did, and later a block print series based on a customers dog who stood out on the bow his kayak.  I was laughing the whole way while leading the trip, because the dogs ears where pinned back by the wind.  Later at home I began sketching ideas with this pooch in mind, and I ended up making it a three panel series on this dog. Comment and let me know if you like the designs.