30 Adventures in Art – Day 10 – Sketch # 10

A kayaking guides feet

30 Adventuresinart – A challenge to myself to produce one sketch or drawing a day for 30 days to help promote my line of adventure shirts at: www.wetdogwear.com  Day 10 – Sketch #10

Wet Dog Shirts are printed

Yipee all the shirts have come back from the printer and they look great. 150 or so shirts for the Wet Dog Kickstarter Project and another 150 to start the Wet Dog Wear adventure apparel line.

During the printing process we discovered that most of the designs looked better with just one color ink over the colored shirts. All of the designs except “Venture Out” are printed with white ink on a colored shirt.

The limited edition prints are almost done as well. These had to be hand inked, rolled, and burnished on ragweed stock.

Happily we earned enough on the Kickstarter Project to produce a cool website to help sell the shirts. There is not much content on the site yet, but we’re excited about getting it up there and soon you’ll see other cool stuff to help start the promotion, sales and branding of the Wet Dog Wear name. http://www.wetdogwear.com

We’re going to start selling the shirts at one of our first shows in Clermont FL at an adventure race called the Kayakathon. Later we’ll look at getting booths up at other area shows and also at the larger retailer shows where buyers can see the shirts.

Thats it for now. Thanks for helping to support our dream.

Carolina Mike