About carolinamike44

Hello, My name is Mike Berthold or aka Carolina Mike. Married to Marcie and have a amazing 1year old named Brody and the best dog named Kaya. We operate an adventure kayaking business in Tampa Bay Fl, and facilitate Wet Dog Adventures a 1000 member Florida Adventures meetup group which inspired the Wet Dog apparel business idea where I produce unique art for our t-shirts using block printing techniques. We love that distressed earthy look. My wife and I are both artists and teachers. Love to paddle, camp, hike, bike all that stuff. Favorite color is green, best day is usually on the water somewhere exploring. My adventure art website is www.adventureinart.wordpress.com and our kayaking websites are www.carolinamike.com and www.meetup.com/wetdogadventures Appreciate any comments on the art or blog.

Kids and new shop are keeping me busy

So so sorry to not have posted in a while.  Seems like i”m apologizing to my own blog.  Anyway been very busy raising two rug rats (my old gym teacher used to call us that.  Now I know why as it seems appropriate) The kids are great, but one doesn’t want to listen has a mind of his own I guess.  Haven’t done much art lately unless you count all the signs I designed and produced for my new paddling shop on the Anclote River.




Wet Dog Logo Sign

Wet Dog Logo Sign



New paddle sports shop

Wow, its been awhile since I’ve blogged. Been busy with two amazing kids and starting our new outfitter business called #WetDogAdventures in #TarponsSprings, FL. Will be sure to post pics of the shop and our on water location soon. Check us out online at: http://www.suncoastrentalsandtours.com

30 Adventuresinart – Day 30 – Sketch #30


30 Adventuresinart – A challenge to myself to produce one sketch or drawing a day for 30 days to help promote my line of adventure shirts at: http://www.wetdogwear.com All I can say is Whew! It’s been quite an adventure trying to come up with a drawing every day. Thanks for all the likes and shares on Facebook and comments on this project.

30 Adventuresinart – Day 28 and 29 – Sketch # 28 and 29


Whew here you go two more. Just got done with the sketch #29 about an hour ago and wanted to get it posted. One more day to go to reach my goal of 30 adventure related sketches or drawings in 30 days. To see all of the sketches so far just scroll down this page and if you like them share them with friends on Facebook or twitter , pintrest or other social media.


30 Adventuresinart – Day 26 and 27 – Sketch # 26 and 27


Almost to my goal of 30 adventure related sketches or drawings in 30 days. Only 3 more days left. Enjoy and stay tuned for the next few days.