Hello, My name is Mike Berthold or aka Carolina Mike.  This blog is about my art which is influenced by the many adventures we undertake.  I plan to put the block print designs on t-shirts and start our our line of adventure wear.  This wet dog character keeps showing up in the designs for some reason. Wish us luck.

My wife Marcie and I have a one year old son named Brody.  I have been a graphic artist for twenty years. I’ve taught art for private schools and for outdoor experiential outreach programs.  I own and operate an adventure kayaking business in Tampa Bay Fl. In addition I facilitate Wet Dog Adventures a Florida Adventure meetup which inspired our Wet Dog  apparel line.  My kayaking website is http://www.carolinamike.com and http://www.meetup.com/wetdogadventures

4 thoughts on “About

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    • Wow thank you Gegallas. I never knew there was such an award. Thanks again for taking the time to nominate me. I’ll be posting more 30 Adventures in Art. Just finished Day 19 – Sketch 19 – Carolina Mike

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