Sup dog, I’m finished with you.

Whew, after 8 hours of sketching, drawing, cutting, and pulling three proofs i finished the SUP design (stand up paddle board).  The water gave me quite a challenge on this one, but I think perseverance and knowing that the out come will somehow be good all helped me nail it.   It evolved quite a bit from what I was thinking in my head when I first came up with the sketches.  Comments and likes are definitely appreciated on this one.

3 thoughts on “Sup dog, I’m finished with you.

  1. Thanks for stopping by!
    I just got back from my family home in Wisconsin, and found all my old artwork. In the portfolio was a linoleum cutting of a dove I used for Christmas cards in High School! All these years later, I am still making my own cards! I blogged about it this year…

  2. Thanks Lisa,

    I did that on purpose on his face because I didn’nt want to show his face just kinda have his hat covering it. I scanned it into photoshop and blurred the edges some and added the type “SUP DOG on the bottom.

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