Cool drawing in action

Newest print coming soon. I’m still cutting the block because it has more detail, but will be worth it when I finally get it printed. Until then check out this teaser drawing (from start to finish) I did promoting our paddling adventures in action at this link:  I think this would make a cool t-shirt now that I posted it.

2 thoughts on “Cool drawing in action

  1. I can’t wait to see the final piece! Although it seems like a very simple piece at the moment, I’m sure it will be great once you’re done. I really like the laid back feel to the painting, like it would brighten up anyone’s day. I really like how the sunset is really complimented by the rest of the background. There’s a lot of empty space though…

    • Tony, thanks for the compliment. It’s funny how I happened upon this drawing or rather how I decided to do it. My wife came home and told me about this website and she wanted me to try it out. She left for an hour and I began to experiment with the tools and this is what came of it. I thought it would make a very cool t-shirt so look out I may put this in production. Thanks for commenting. All the best to you. – Carolina Mike

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